Friday, August 31, 2007

Issues i am interested in

Well the first post was just a small shenanigan. I am very much interested in east asian economics and politics and various other world issues. I would like to post on various issues related to china,japan and south korea. Always wondered why these east asian nations which are located so close to each other,follow the same religion(confucianism) have so many differences mentality wise. They are constantly bickering at each others throats, over historical issues which sometimes seem so silly to me. I mean who cares if han dynasty ruled over korea for around 5 centuries or who cares if japanese ruled over korea for 45 years,it is past right, south korea is a completely different nation from what it was then. Why do they need to remember the past and keep feeling inferior to chinese and japanese? I mean south korea bans japanese goods, similarly japan bans south korean and chinese goods, Chinese never buy toyotas cause they are "made in japan".

When will the day come when these three great nations can develop a closer understanding with each other and cooperate with each other for a greater cause. I do not know when a greater east asia will arise. I do not know when an anomaly called North korea would disappear from the east asian equation.

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