Friday, August 31, 2007

An Unsung Hero(Hyung Taik Lee)

Lee Hyung-Taik is considered by many as the most successful South-Korean tennis player. This supremely talented player is one of the hardest hitters of the tennis ball in the game and has the craft to match even the best in the world on his day. One of his greatest moments came in the second round of wimbledon 2006 when he was defeated in 5 sets by the former champion and two time semifinalist Lleyton Hewitt. The match included three tie breakers and it is widely said that the incorrect line call which lee recieved in one of the tie breaker, tilted the balance of the match in favour of hewitt who eventually went on to win the match. Back in 2003,Lee defeated juan carlos ferrero in the final of the Adidas International in Sydney to become the first korean to win an ATP Tour Singles. Well we hear a lot about david beckhams, zidanes, samprases and federers but hardly any people know about players like lee hyung taik. They are just constantly sidelined as underdogs and probably not even a line is dedicated to them in newspapers. Entering tennis late and coming from a potato farming village i can only imagine the number of hurdles Lee would have faced to become a professional tennis player. I just hope that with some luck he may be able to win a grand slam and to an extent justify his true potential. Currently he has entered the third round in US open 2007. Have to see how far he goes. Anyway i do not think the age is on his side either,already he will be one of the oldest tennis players at 31. Whereever he goes, whatever he achieves, lee hyung taik will always have a special place in my heart.

"It is not necessarily the strongest who always inspire you but the ones that fight to the very end irrespective of their ability."

Issues i am interested in

Well the first post was just a small shenanigan. I am very much interested in east asian economics and politics and various other world issues. I would like to post on various issues related to china,japan and south korea. Always wondered why these east asian nations which are located so close to each other,follow the same religion(confucianism) have so many differences mentality wise. They are constantly bickering at each others throats, over historical issues which sometimes seem so silly to me. I mean who cares if han dynasty ruled over korea for around 5 centuries or who cares if japanese ruled over korea for 45 years,it is past right, south korea is a completely different nation from what it was then. Why do they need to remember the past and keep feeling inferior to chinese and japanese? I mean south korea bans japanese goods, similarly japan bans south korean and chinese goods, Chinese never buy toyotas cause they are "made in japan".

When will the day come when these three great nations can develop a closer understanding with each other and cooperate with each other for a greater cause. I do not know when a greater east asia will arise. I do not know when an anomaly called North korea would disappear from the east asian equation.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Little About Myself

Well first of all let me start off by saying that i am a very normal guy who is in the final semester of university life. Will post something about me once i have achieved something in Life,Till then i would like to simply post on issues which interest me the most. Probably no one in the Blogger community will recognize my blog as anything worthwhile to visit but let me remind you of an Ork moral :- "Ork'z is da biggest and the strongest". Well in the same spirit i would like to believe that what i post is worthwile stuff and i do hope persons with similar interests do keep visiting the blog. Also the game which got me hooked onto this Orky stuff is warhammer 40000 dawn of war dark crusade. Well no words of praise would do justice to this game. Anyway for all of you greenskinz out there and for all of you disturbed minds out there....Welcome Aboard!!!